At Viresco AD our mission is to improve the anaerobic digestion market by building a sustainable business with a net positive environmental impact through better technology.


Our Purpose

Viresco, Latin for becoming green, is on a mission to alter the competitive landscape of renewable fuels production, helping move America closer to energy independence by combining a disruptive biochemical technology with advanced process engineering for anaerobic digestion. Viresco has created a means to dramatically enhance the value of traditional bio-digestion for the purpose of creating clean energy from waste in the form of renewable electricity and renewable natural gas.  The result is the creation of a sustainable and economically viable process that is vastly more efficient than conventional waste-to-energy methods, is price competitive with fossil fuels, and can be adapted to a wide range of sizes and feedstock applications.  Viresco, and its founders have been engineering and developing this technology since 2009 which has resulted in the issuance of six patents, four demonstrations throughout the country, and approval from the USDA for a 9003 Bio-Refinery Loan Guarantee including a technical review by the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) as the next generation of anaerobic digestion.


Today, there are many anaerobic technologies in the works. None, however, are as efficient as the NBC™ System and none are cleaner or greener than Viresco’s system for the conversion of carbon in the feedstock to methane.  Our proprietary process, gives Viresco the ability to remove polluting, organic waste compounds from the ecosystem, converting carbon into direct replacements for natural gas or electricity and creating nutrient sources for farming. Finally, all of this can be accomplished with a zero or negative carbon footprint benefiting our environment. At the end of the day, and according to the U.S. Energy Administration, our plant and our technology has the capacity to power over 2,200 homes with renewable electricity, keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and excess nutrients out of area lakes and waterways–all while providing a sustainable waste management service to the food industry.


The compilation of all of this research and development is Viresco Turtle Lake.  


Our Facilities

Viresco Turtle Lake is a clean, modern, anaerobic digestion facility, which is being converted to our advanced and highly engineered technology. More than a decade of research, testing and refinement, coupled with decades of digestion experience, have yielded the patented Novus Bio-Catalytic (NBC™) system that lies at the heart of Viresco’s technology platform.  While anaerobic digestion as a means of creating fuel from waste streams is not new (dating back to the mid-19th century), most conventional processes are slower, less efficient and more expensive than the NBC™ System.  In comparison, the NBC™ system converts non-food organic waste feedstocks of almost any form into clean biogas and renewable electricity at nearly double the efficiency of traditional methods, and in a small fraction

of the time, by optimizing conditions within each step of the anaerobic digestion process.  This innovative engineering approach results in an advanced anaerobic digestion process while solving critical waste problems for our customers. Alongside of this technology advancement, Viresco Turtle Lake maintains a fully enclosed and temperature controlled indoor environment for unloading trucks with customer waste streams.  Our facility has the ability to create 3.2MW of renewable electricity which according to the U.S. energy Information Administration, is enough electricity to supply over 2,200 homes for an entire year

Viresco’s Patented Mobile Demonstration Plant is a one of a kind fully functional NBC™ mobile demonstration plant capable of operating at customer sites and processing high solids organic materials, which allows a customer to “test drive” our process and see for themselves how our advanced process improves plant economics and environmental responsibility thru carbon capture and waste management practices.

The Mobile Demonstration Plant has been deployed at customer sites in Minnesota, Oregon, Arkansas and California. These demonstrations have allowed for a continuing refinement and optimization of the NBC™ process, and led to a successfully completed business and technical evaluation by the USDA National Office, including a technical evaluation by the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL).  This evaluation resulted in the issuance of $11 million conditional commitment for a USDA 9003 Bio-Refinery Loan Guarantee.  


This patented mobile demonstration plant is available for a “test drive” for customers interested in implementing our anaerobic digestion solution. 


Waste Management Solutions


At Viresco Turtle Lake we provide complete waste treatment needs and End of Cycle Documentation.

Our facility provides liquid waste removal and treatment for a wide range of food producers and manufacturers, including breweries, cheese factories, protein manufacturers, biodiesel plants and essentially most all liquid and semi-liquid organic wastes.

We are a full-service waste management facility, including a partnership with Northern Liquid Waste Management which has a fleet of trucks to pick up your liquid by products. We also accept deliveries of bulk loads in our full-service intake, and off-spec food and beverage materials as part of our DePak operation. No facility is too far; we treat liquid waste from facilities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and throughout the country.




If you have struggled to find a home for high strength organic waste products in the past, you understand the value of a facility that is convenient and available year-round. When you use Viresco, you don’t worry about weather, DNR permits or field access. We have a full-service intake bay with two un-loading stations and pumps capable of offloading at more than 275 gallons per minute.  We are optimized for bulk loads of liquid waste product and are professionally staffed around-the-clock giving us the ability to unload trucks and out-of-spec waste materials quickly and safely.


Come Work With Us and Be A Builder

At Viresco, we are looking for bright minds and “Builders” that thrive on change, care about sustainability and see how technology can change our world. If you are customer focused, a self-starter and you recognize the incredible technical and environmental impact we can have when our team works together with our customers to reduce our carbon footprint one gallon at a time then connect with us. 


Our company is driven by integrity, passion and problem solving. We own our mistakes, figure out how to do it better and move on.


We Strive for Excellence The constant pursuit of the Win-Win-Win for our Customers, our Environment and our Company.

Be Authentic, always act with a high degree of integrity.  Own your decisions and their outcomes, both good and bad.  We will learn and move on.

Work Determined and be courageous about asking questions and making sure you are heard, and take smart risks. Ask why not and Be Present with positive energy, and a can-do attitude.


In short, we require self-starters, risk takers and problem solvers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get involved in finding a Better Way. We’re always looking for honest, passionate and smart people to join our team and this is how we define a Builder.  We’ve accomplished a lot in our short history and we have aggressive goals and plans.



If you think you’ve got what it takes, send a resume or letter introducing yourself to . We are looking forward to meeting you.